I’m obsessed with heartbeats, natural and artificial. I write about the city, and what happens in it. My physical needs to stay active so my mental doesn’t get out of control. Like you, I’m trying to work things out.

I haven’t been blogging in a while. Six months or so. My previous blog is archived at ChatPureLyric. I feel like I need to start blogging again, for all of the reasons that I outlined here, almost three years ago. I stopped blogging because I was arrogant enough to think it was all about ego. It’s about more than that.

I had cut myself off from the blogging world and its community, but have slowly been reintroducing myself passively. And now it’s time to get all active again: my life’s on a completely different path; I have experiences I want to share; I have a lot on my mind. I’ve been missing that cathartic feeling.

This time though, I’m going to be more honest. Scratch that – it wasn’t that I was dishonest before. It’s that I was sheltering myself. I’m moving away from the shallow end, letting my writing expose me, as flawed as I am. I’m scared, but I trust it will be okay.

This is still about Self. Although I hope something good comes out of this for someone – anyone – somewhere.

Apr.09: While I wasn’t blogging hardcore between Jul.08 and Jan.09, I was posting commentary and observations on another of my sites. In an attempt to consolidate my personal writings, I’m re-posting those original pieces here according to the date that they were written. The original pieces haven’t been re-edited, and I’ve linked them to where they were posted the first time. I won’t be posting any more personal writings on my tumblr, leaving it strictly as a bookmarking scrapbook.