real cool time

a meeting, over three years ago. both strangers in this city, introduced by another stranger third. a connection i didn’t expect, didn’t foresee its outcome. i left on a short trip returned to that connection.

we talked, a lot. the music threaded. intrigued, you pulled me in with your attitude and charm. a time of whirlwind, then noneventful parting. fond memories, revis(it)ed. electronic communication.

your voice is not one of those memories.

once, three years ago, you told me a story; i asked inkredulous: “why would you do that?” you replied: “it made her happy.” c’est pas compliqué.

another time, you told me another story i voiced a desire you responded with a promise. i didn’t hold on to it, thought that it was made carelessly, whispered #roxette. winter was left on the ground. we both moved (on) in peace.

out of the blue, a message. three years later and you weren’t careless.

a thank you letter, on film.