moi je ne veux que l’amour

how am i ever expected to speak about this?!

the poets speak. this should have been an anthem.

but please. listen to me.

this is a pain older than mine. memories of what has been and what never was.

this is my pain. my grandmothers’. and i don’t know who else. countless.

i’m not a strong enough vessel. this will break me.

and the words stem from the one who lives.

it tears away. everything. it hurts so much. i cannot hold all of this in.

w’nmut 3aleik – in a heartbeat. one heartbeat. make it happen. i swear on all that is sacred to me, mine for yours. i won’t renege back up lie weasel.

but i’ve said it and i stay saying it. i’m sorry. i didn’t know. and if i knew i wouldn’t.

how does it feel after three suns? from collective consciousness to the hoi polloi.

i have to re-direct. i can’t survive understand?

it’s night time. i’m alone. it’s frightening. delirious heat turned up to eleven.

sadness for anger, don’t let it be so.

unwellness unlocks this gate.

oxidised silver kryptonite.

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