rabbit in the moon

there’s a halo, tinged with red. scorpio starts in two, i turn 31 in 21. apt time for this.

it’s called a hunter’s moon, follows a harvest moon. night so bright, spotlight. let’s look at the numbers.

clashed with golden. need vs. need. try hard to hold on, support, not feel threatened, but it’s something difficult. tried hard to word. it is the try-hard era. amazing how easily i can insert foundation have it shook stabilise it myself.

language is becoming more difficult right now, explained/now known as transition. everything’s more difficult these days. can’t tell left from right, up from down. moon time, but nothing’s been broken yet. except i’ve been broke (always temporary, pay day on the rise).

coincidence like never before, a game from the universe. clues, i’ll tell you this you show me that. i’ve never been a big fan of this game, understood that i would only win if i played nice. but nice can kiss mon cul. it’s really not fair if you don’t know the rules, and being told of them post- doesn’t really count.

if i were near the ocean, tonight would be a conversation for yemayah. tonight would be warm and i would fall asleep to a lap-lap-lap sound. instead, mid-week, mid-season solo to get over. aloneliness can’t stay for too much longer too physical. the body always responds and when it coincides with something else it’s devastating.


aside: this is the very first time un-whispered. i love you for that.

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