i’ve been gone for a minute. caught up somewhere else, not being able to split, enter this space.

technically, i shouldn’t know how to do this. but someone showed me the secret entrance.

i’d been gone for a minute, not trusting i could use that key. but i’ve been needing to write for too long. and of course, i’ve been triggered.

deep breath, here goes.

<whisper>thank you</whisper>

the last few months have been… interesting. ups and downs.

been biding my time. no worries, i’m still here.

this is a borrowed title, from a different place/space (featuring a local rapper). meets grimace, three times repeat. it’s all repetitive. all these words, re-cycled.

so much has been undocumented. i wonder why.

i went for a search today, found everything i’d been looking for, but also found reminders. of ephemereality. we’re gone too soon.

and on that note, i’ll be back. soon as i finish _____.

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