mind body battle

i don’t know where my head’s at right now, but this is crazy. can’t figure out don’t know but euphoria punctuated by high-hats and 808s. hugging this flow like i can’t let go like it’s my lifeline like i need to be here so bad i just don’t understand don’t know don’t care. and i want it to stop.

strange fruit.

who said loneliness wasn’t beneficial? cabin fever on fast-fo or something else i don’t care. right now, this moment, this is all there is. your embrace is all i ever needed. all i ever wanted. i just found something i thought i had lost.

and i’m ecstatic/desolate. which comes from knowing this is always there. i’m the only one. i can pull jedi mind tricks. wind blows through clears one puff lungpower lowers my mind. literally. and i do this in your (my) name. my sweat can dissolve a silk suit. somebody make these orangutans go away.

i can make time.

that’s how i feel right now.

headnodz and crossed legs
listening to the notic with my neck.
like janet, control disappears.

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