no stella, y’all. but tested and tried.

feeling haunted, kept up, need to write it out. purge exorcise delete. i hold on too easily. but i’ve found the right solution for that, i think. i wish i could be sure about stuff, but i’m hardly certain about anything. not even the memory. spent the last few days on a different plane, disconnected on a creative tip wouldn’t you know? trying to focus, make things, make things work.

BAM – in comic book jagged edges.

a distraction. wait, i just lied, implied. not sudden, building since summer [8]. immediately after a space was recently cleared. i slash-and-burned it, listening to morrissey’s voice for ambience. not first choice, but hey. would have played lou reed, but didn’t have a car [9].

cleared space functioned as a landing pad for something that had been hovering [2]. although it was a dot on the horizon [9,7]. landed object grew like the blob, covering everything in warm wetness.

this post’s about diluting some of the energy – until i build my container. just trying to let a little bit out, so i can focus on the major endeavour. when i left this plane i left my groove. time to get it back. no stella, y’all.

to the whisperer: funny, that one showed up again, stone figurine all reassembled after i had seen it disintegrate right before my eyes. mist you. like a lamaze coach, reminding me to breathe. coaxing me. witnessing the birth of a superhero, special power the rescue of i. might still get namesake ink. i finally have it figured out: we’re from the same myth. let’s walk along the train tracks, use technology to see, and find a rooftop where i can practice what i need to say.

a message to the distracting other* [7]: i used to believe in enhancement, but at some point, in a diner somewhere-not-here, i came to believe in completion. either the object or a (gilted) replica of. i apologise for the reduction, but it’s the abstract i’m finding distracting, so simplifying. we’re from the same space, but there, i’m a crescent moon. as opposed to mist, this is tangible. don’t front, i know you got me open.

damn, in technicolour. alakazam, wonderful you came by.

10, 11, and 12.

*to those wondering if i’m addressing them – it’s only you if you understand the significance of the date this was posted. and/or this line: “but i guess it’s easy being a soldier when there’s no war”.

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