guiding by whispers

you live somewhere different and intriguing. the same place i’ve been visiting, quickly leaving before i get in there too deep. i show up quietly, move in the shadows, and don’t touch anything. i want to know more about your world; it’s crazy that we’ve only met in this plane. take me around, show me. my fears are unfounded, but you create a circle of light that protects us both.

i’m ready to move there, for the short-term. a temporary residence in a world i thought i had made up but later learned that it had existed all along. you live there, your permanent home is there, and you only leave once in a while. but you have a constant who grounds you in the real. i don’t.

so will you whisper my way through my visit? there’s stuff i need to get done here, and after you make me comfortable, i’ll leave you alone and go about my business. i’m not afraid here, everything is so familiar in a past life/spirit world sort of way. it’s not that your world is strange, it’s just that i don’t belong there. and trust me, i know all about where i do and don’t belong. i’ll be safe here for a while before i need to return.

if i pack my bags for a visit, make sure i leave. i trust you’ll know when that time comes.

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