of albino newts and motorbikes

last night’s dream was as surreal as they’ve been getting:

an albino newt. water. a boy child, lost. arts and crafts. blood. streets. danger. security. loss. more amphibians. a motorbike with sidecar. searching. wise women (feminine energy). watching. repetition. subconscious. fear. riddles. Macbeth.

i asked for some clarity. i’ll be adding to this particular post as i receive it.


July 29:

I’m in a large room, standing in front of an aquarium filled with newts swimming around in it. All the newts are a newt-y muddy brown colour, except for one, which is pure white. I’m transfixed by the swimming movements of the newts and how they move around each other without colliding, especially the albino newt. As I’m watching, one of the brown newts swims up behind the albino newt, and without any warning, clamps on to the albino’s tail. I gasp in horror as I watch the tail fall off like a lizard’s. Blood clouds out of the stump, and the albino newt swims away (not in a panic), leaving its tail in the other newt’s mouth. The albino newt climbs out of the aquarium, and stops on a pipe near the aquarium, where it just looks around. I feel compassion and sympathy for the newt and its bleeding stump, but the albino newt seems completely unbothered, and I know its tail will grow back.

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