The dead animal sightings have followed me two provinces west. Over the past couple of months, several times a week, I’ve come across animal carcasses while moving around. Every kind of urban wildlife there is – from raccoons and a variety of birds, to squirrels, rats, cats and some rodent-looking thing that I couldn’t identify. Some were obvious roadkill, a pair of pigeons were decapitated and some looked like they had just died there.

Omens, for sure. No doubt about it. I did try rationalising the dead animals – chemical pollution, possible overpopulation, weird weather that had messed with the natural order, slack city workers (this predated the Toronto strike). Referenced appearances in literature of dead animal waves – specifically Silent Spring and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. None of that rung true, much as the environmentalist in me was buying into that Doomsday prophecy.

I’ve been in Moose Jaw, Sask. for the past three days, and I’m still coming across dead animals – in the roads (definitely not counting highway roadkill), on bike paths and even my parents’ backyard. This has been non-stop for the past two months. When I mention it to others, trying to make sure that I’m not the only person noticing, I don’t receive any validation. So I’ve started to look into the meaning of these sightings.

It may not even be that there are more dead animals than usual and it’s not that I believe that I’m the only person who can see these dead animals (I do see things that aren’t there, but it’s not the case this time). On a logical tip, I believe that I’m just noticing them more than other people are and they’re affecting me more than they are others. My mental’s cataloguing these sightings, and I would like to know why. So I started looking things up and once again, the coincidences have been ridiculous.

Death = end of a cycle (obviously). Also, where there’s metaphorical death, there is re-birth because everything needs to balance out, and the new can’t show up unless the old makes way for it. Reading around death brings up the phoenix (rebirth through the fire), the sun (sets and rises), the scorpion (venomous healer), 13 (=4, life lesson). Huh.

I have been feeling a pretty major change in my life, and not just superficially, which has been obvious in this blog. I’m transitioning, entering a new phase, saying goodbye, putting a lot to rest. I’m getting slightly impatient but suppressing it, waiting to find out what’s coming next. I guess I’ll find out when I stop seeing the corpses.

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

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