mixtape interlude

her: i dreamed of you last night. again.

him: <smile>oh really?</smile>

her: well, it wasn’t you but it was you. it was weird.

him: if it wasn’t me, who was it then?

her: no, it was definitely you. but it wasn’t human, humanoid. like marble, but soft. and warm. it looked liquid.

him: hmm.

her: and it – you – were brown. a deep, dark brown.

him: i am brown.

her: not like that. like melted dark chocolate, or peat. and your aura was golden. shimmery around your outline.

him: did it even look like me?

her: it was you. i know it was. whatever, forget it. it was just a dream.

him: well what happened?

her: nothing really. *sigh*. it was more like emotions. i was anxious and scared. and then you were with me. and i slowly became calmer. until i was completely relaxed. and i was falling asleep, and i could see you. i think you were getting ready to leave. and i wanted to tell you not to go, but i fell asleep.

him: okay?

her: and then i woke up. and i was in a room, on a bed. there was nothing else in the room, except a window. and there was a breeze coming through the window, moving the curtains. they were white lace. and i knew you had just left, through that window, but there was nothing beyond it, just water. a sunny day, and water. and you were gone. and i was starting to feel disappointed and starting to panic. but i was holding on to the calm you gave me, because it was the only thing you had left behind. and then i woke up.

him: it wasn’t me, but it was me. you’ve had this dream before?

her: yes.

him: what does it mean?


(a beat that does not use a sample from Allen Toussaint’s Summer Nights)

– the cover art uses quotes from W. Somerset Maugham’s Of Human Bondage and letterpress motifs. on cream stock. this is the only interlude, and occurs at the 00:17:23 mark. the mixtape ends with Fishbone’s We Just Lose Our Minds, the entire nine minutes+.

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