reminder, in black and white

I’m in the process of working on a project that uses photographs I’ve taken over the past ten years. Geographically, they’re from all over – the States, prairie and central Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, East Africa. Archived memories re-access, images setting off a whole chain of thoughts. Good times, most of them. We don’t try to capture sadness. At least I don’t – I think I should.

I look back on the faces who were participants in events that defined me, that brought me to this present moment, sitting in my studio loft in Toronto, working on being creative. I wonder what happened to the people who I’ve lost touch with: the woman who, last time I spoke to her was six years ago, and her mother had just been diagnosed with a serious illness. My Regina J-school colleagues. The facilitator at the military training for journalists workshop I attended in Alberta in 2003. The South African band huddled in my kitchen when I lived in midtown Toronto. The rappers I interviewed. The friends who are still around, and treat me as one of their own.

It’s a different environment now. These photos remind me that I need to stop right now. Stop and take stock. Remember where I came from, and figure out where I’m heading. Evaluate current relationships and friendships.

The photos also remind me that it’s been a while since I walked the streets with MF Doom in my ear and my camera on my shoulder. That’s a project for another day. Right after I find my iPod charger.

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