The last six months have been a trip. They’ve included ditching security and a pretty established career path to take a plunge. Applying for (and getting accepted into) grad school. A journey to the motherland that taught me more about myself and my origins than I ever expected to know. Significant relationships. A sense of closure at the dusk of a seven-year cycle.

I’ve learned that I am incredibly strong. That I’m also very fragile. That I have a good handle on who I am, what I can expect from myself, and what I am able to accomplish. I have a lot to give and I’m learning what shape that takes.

The last few months have taught me the value of friends old and new, and specifically how to sift through quantity for quality. Community, which had always been important to me, takes on a new significance with the coming of little ones. It’s baby season y’all. Inspiration to become the best person I can be, to increase my value to my community for the sake of the next generation we’re creating.

There’s been sadness too. Three deaths at the beginning of the new year. Nobody too close, but death is always sad. The final farewell. Sadness at the helplessness of watching close friends going through trauma, and not being able to do anything to lift/relieve their pain. Just taking a little of it on. The beginning of 2009 has been about endings. And so it begins.

I’m preparing for the new. Shifting things around, three boxes: keep, process, discard. The next little while is going to be difficult, but that’s okay. For once, I have the opportunity to prepare.

Welcome to the rest of my life.

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