black merda

last week, i spent some time on an interesting online music journey. it started off with finding rufus thomas (to the stepfather of soul, i’m very very grateful for the music you have introduced and re-introduced me to). i was excited to find another black country singer. now i’m not a hardcore diehard country music fan. i do enjoy country (bonus points to those of you who actually knew that). i did work at a country music station for a while which was a lot of fun. awesome people, good, if slightly pop-py music. but i do enjoy black country music, and love finding music that goes beyond charlie pride. for those of you who don’t know, “twang is not a colour” is a good introduction to the genre.

and if you’re starting to get intrigued, you should definitely look into the music some more. but here’s another freebie: rissi palmer. a bit too sugary for my particular country tastes, but i will support her because she plays the guitar and has black people in her videos. oh, and at some point last year, she was all over the country music charts. check out country girl, it’s fun!

ok, so i’m totally digressing on what i started off with. was looking for rufus thomas. took a detour through terry callier ( does anyone have a copy of nujabes’ modal soul? please let me know).

and on and on and on and on.

after meandering like that for about half an hour (i know, shortest attention span ever), i finally discovered black merda. and don’t know how i didn’t know about these brothers before. brief history – touring with motown artists, picked up a hendrix album and became “the first black rock band”. get this – they called themselves black merda to draw attention to the lynchings and violent murders of black youth in the south. eddie kendricks (yes, that kendricks) showed up at some point in their history. black merda relocated to detroit. and someone somewhere posted “the folks from mother’s mixer” (thank you!!!). and i’ve been playing “over and over” on repeat. there’s something about that song that messes with my heartbeat.

i’ve been telling all my music nerd friends about black merda. i’m going to harass all the deejays i know to play their music at jams (and i don’t care if you tell me you only play r’n’b) . i’m going to blatantly ask all the producers i know to sample them in their beats. i’m going to call in every single favour i am owed in the toronto music scene because i am now on a one-woman mission to get black merda touring again. to see them live would be so validating, you just don’t know.

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