i could do without mondays. they don’t do anything for me. it’s not only the dread of the work week, although that definitely is part of it. but if the workweek started on tuesday even, i’d be fine. i could just really do without mondays.

it’s possibly a cultural thing. the fact that weeks begin on mondays is an artificial construct, and i reject it. when i lived in the middle east, the first day of the week was saturday, weekends began on wednesday evenings. that’s more like my flow.

anyway, i digress. the whole point of this post was not to hate on mondays. i’m actually having a really good day. i knew it was a good day when i spilled coffee on my top and my response wasn’t “%$#@ing great”, but rather “thank god i’m wearing a dark shirt”. anyone who knows me knows that response is really out of character.

maybe it’s because i got enough sleep this morning. maybe it’s because the weekend was really productive. maybe it’s because i had a really intense and uncomfortable conversation last night that helped clarify some really big things. maybe it’s because i woke up early enough to pick up groceries, return dvds before they were overdue, and drop off my drycleaning. or maybe it’s just because.

my phone’s been blowing up this morning. but the highlight of the strange pre-10am phonecalls was some really good news. i spoke to a friend of mine overseas who told me she’s expecting her first child. this is a woman i love so much, i would die for her. and now she’s going to have a baby. nothing tops that, not today anyway.

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