i’m on this freestyle thought flow.

now that the moon’s not on some crazy power trip, i feel the world returning to normal. except, apparently, normal isn’t something that applies to me (according to my sister, and several other people).

things are weird right now. not in a bad way, but i’m feeling unsettled. suspicious, even.

working through some personal ish, like: is it really fair of me to expect people to adhere to the same values i do? i wouldn’t accept it from them. word is bond.

music’s getting interesting again. seems like artists are on another level, trying to outdo each other in a weirder-than-thou way. i’m feeling more and more entertained.

relationships get more complicated with age. and i thought high school was melodramatic.

too much stuff everywhere – in my home, in my head, in my writing. trying to find some way to make everything stay in one place so i can deal with it.

cleanse. purge. bullshit, unnecessary stuff. i need to feel unfettered.

i’m digging this unknown future stuff. gets me all revved up. predictability = mediocrity. avoid at all costs. life’s one helluva rollercoaster ride.

not really feeling the smell of packaged boiled eggs.

feelings getting caught. unnecessary complications. more ish to snip away.

unexpected propositions could potentially be beautiful works of art.

“summer of the unexpected”. at least the serendipity factor’s gone down. i think.

autumn chill began this morning. or maybe it’s just cold and i’m just such a pessimist i’ve killed the season.

need to find new addictions. new passions. new obsessive thoughts to take over my life completely and distract me from the unknown.

shit. i also need to go write some sort of constrained poetic form. deadline beckons.

peace out.

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