what a beautiful number. all curvy and flowy and ish. all those zeroes and eights, just visually pleasing roundness. how could i not post on such a day?

the olympics officially started today. thousands of people are getting married. people wishing other people a happy 080808. good vibes. of course, it helps that it’s friday. and i’ve been consistently getting good news from people for a change.

i’m in a transitive stage again. one job winds down, another one begins. new roles, new responsibilities, new challenges and a way shorter commute. i’m feeling anxious and optimistic.

sideline artsy projects are starting to take shape. friends are all around. music is everywhere. food’s good.

right now, life is beautiful. summer and sunshine lift my depression. i know i’m on a high.

“it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. and i’m feeling good.”

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