random examples of racist discourse in the toronto star

i’ve been on an anti-racism trip recently. every once in a while, i become aware of language in the media that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. these are a couple of examples i came across today. these things worry me. my whole life has been spent being othered, and it’s not getting any easier. maybe that’s because “grin and bear it” has now transformed to grit and bare ‘em. these may sound trivial, but they’re not.

Five foods to avoid looks at a tourist-trap food market in Asia. Exoticism and fetishism aside, this is the one phrase that got me.

“No local would ever show up here – that’s part of the charm.”

Pause. Bare teeth.

Like mother, like daughter in the fragrance world This article made me hesitant to admit I’ve got Annick Goutal perfumes in my cabinet (Mandragore and L’Eau d’Hadrien, to be specific). Whether it was the writer’s biases, or what Goutal’s daughter had to say, the equation of orientalism (who says that anymore?!) with sensuality is offensive. The perfume line is called Les Orientalistes.

Recently in Toronto to launch Les Orientalistes at The Bay, she knows that orientalism “is a fantasy, of course.” But she also knows about sensuality, that’s “real.”

Right. All together now, let’s perpetuate stereotypes.

Hospitality, Brazilian style really was a short piece about eating at a churrasco in west Toronto. Mostly harmless apart from the not-cute-at-all attempt at self-deprecating humour.

We’re a little embarrassed to be the obnoxious gringos who over-ordered.

Nobody really cares if you over-ordered, as long as you’re paying. When you’re swapping cash for food, you can have as much as you like. Nice of you to have the decency to feel embarassed at being “obnoxious gringos”. But you’re not that important. SWPL had this one on-lock.

i realise that these quotes are taken out of context and sound a lot worse when extracted. still. this is not on. people need to think about what they’re putting out there. and by “people”, i include myself.

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