• what?what!, my cat, macgyvered her way out of my second-floor window last night. found her this morning soaked, shivering and miaowing underneath a patio bench. brought her back inside to the amusement of office workers on their way to work.
  • couldn’t run around and do errands today because it’s bloody freezing. why am i wearing a full sleeve turtleneck and shivering in july?! oh wait, i do live in canada.
  • i have about 50 pages of editing to do, a lyric poem due this weekend, my flat’s a mess, i’m out of garbage bags, and there are scraps of writing everywhere. and drycleaning that’s been piled up forever. just needed to whine about that for a second.
  • i think someone’s staying with me tonight, but i haven’t had a chance to touch base (if you’re reading this and it’s you, call me to coordinate).
  • haven’t been to see the dark knight yet because the theatres are still packed.
  • contrary to the impression i might have given, i’m in a totally awesome mood. why? because i started my day with lil wayne. hate all you want :-D.

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